Hamalfitè Beachwear is a brand specialized in the production of swimwear costumes and accessories for women, men and children.

Our main lines are dedicated to the fashion of the Amalfi Coast, famous throughout the world for its "hippy-chic" style,
made of clothes, reminiscent of the style of flower children, and low-heeled sandals, modeled on those of Capri.

MADE IN ITALY, thanks to the internal tailoring and the choice of certified Italian fabrics, they produce Hippie style swimsuits but popular in the classic Amalfi style.

«Made in Italy is still distinguished by the" 3 b "- that is beautiful, good and well made.
... because Made in Italy is a guarantee of elegance, style and care.

Women's friends and costumes and swimsuits, women's costumes and costumes for boys and girls.